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H100 Vaccine

H100, a new generation skin rejuvenation application, is the most obvious difference from other mesotherapy products with the presence of “mannitol”, one of the strongest known antioxidants, as well as the high rate of hyaluronic acid in its content. is a feature.

Mannitol prolongs the life of hyaluronic acid in the tissue and has an edema-solving effect. It also contains other building blocks that the skin needs. Such as peptides, vitamins, minerals and amino acid.

Areas of use;
One hundred,
hand area.

By keeping water in the skin, it increases moisture and helps repair tissues and increase elasticity.
It is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants known. It also has an edema solvent effect. It prolongs the life of hyaluronic acid in the tissue.
It allows the facial expression lines and wrinkles to be opened, the skin to be filled and tightened naturally.
It delays the aging process by accelerating cell renewal and restructuring in the skin.
It helps to tighten and reduce sagging by supporting the muscle tissue under the skin.

To increase the moisture capacity of the skin, to tighten the sagging deformed areas and to remove wrinkles. With the mannitol, peptide, vitamins and minerals it contains, you can feel the youth in your skin from the very first session.

The frequency and intervals of application are determined by your doctor after the evaluation of the skin structure and current situation.
On average, 2-4 sessions are applied.